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Our tomatoes are all natural, ripened in the field by Mother Nature and are available year round. We grow a variety of non-genetically modified (non-GMO) tomatoes on our Farms. Our farms are located in Sarasota, Florida, Apollo Beach, Florida, West Palm Beach, Florida, South Georgia and Tennessee. All tomatoes are packed at our facility in Wimauma, Florida and are shipped nationwide, Canada, and Puerto Rico. For more information on individual tomatoes, including packaging click on the appropriate product below.

Our Home Grown tomato is one of our vine-ripe premium tomatoes. Like the Red Diamond tomatoes, the Home Grown is medium to large in size but has more color. With an old fashion flavor and succulence, these are prefect for grilling and making sandwiches. Home Grown Tomatoes


Plucked directly from the vine, our grape tomatoes are sweet, convenient, and addicting. They are perfect for distributing in salads and eating as a snack. The ideal tomato for those with limited time or on the go! Grape Tomatoe


Our Tasti-Lee tomatoes contain up to 50% more lycopene than regular tomato varieties. It has the right constancy of sweetness and tangy flavor making it excellent for whatever your imagination calls for- from appetizers, side dishes to full course meals. Tasti-Lee Tomatoes

Plucked straight from the vine, the Red Diamond tomato provides a sweet taste of the season. There is no need to add salt or seasoning. It is absolutely prefect right off the vine. These are medium to large in size and are fit for those great homemade sandwiches. To stew it would be a crime! Red Diamond Tomatoes


Perfectly divine, these small plum shape tomatoes are firm, smooth-skinned and red inside. They are ideal for salads, snacks, dips, bruschettas, or just garnishing a meal. A single bite will make you want to CHEER! Cherry Tomatoe


Uniquely golden. Our yellow tomatoes are mild and sweet, yet tangy. They range in color from orange yellow to lemon yellow. Due to their low acidity, these provide the right balance for those who enjoy tomatoes but need to avoid eating acidic foods. They can be use in any dish where tomatoes are require, including salads, pizzas, and sauces. Yellow Tomatoe


Green fried tomatoes….YUM. Fried green tomatoes….YUM. Add a little salt and pepper, some bread crumbs, cracker crumbs, cornmeal, or flour to these plum babies, then fry and you’ll have you a nice savory side dish of fried green tomatoes. Or you can choose to make a nice green tomato mincemeat pie, relishes, cake, pizza, soup, salsa, or some pickles.

Our green tomatoes are any of our Red Diamond, Home Grown, or Tasti-Lee tomatoes unripen. These are firm but not solid as a rock and are great for adding a tangy flavor to any dish.

Green Tomatoes

These low acidic plum tomatoes are medium in size and ideal for everything. Most commonly use in the making of sal-sas, sauces and canning, these are great in pasta, bruschetta., salad or roasted on the grill. Roma Tomatoes

Packaged in a conveniently easy-to-open 4oz plastic container, Handy Candy is jam-packed with our juicy grape tomatoes. They are sweet as candy but healthy and good for you. Another great benefit is that they’re high in vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants, lycopene and low in calories. Expect these to be fresh and firm with a shiny bright skin. These are great for everyone including busy moms, working dads, and active kids.